Harmony Place - Mind-Body Balancing
Luanne Carol, Harmony Place Founder
Luanne has a Master of Science degree in Psychology and has worked as a Health Educator for over twenty years. She also works  with individuals to teach them various relaxation techniques to successfully deal with such issues as panic attacks, pain relief, general anxiety reduction, and getting to sleep. When these techniques are practiced on a regular basis, they can be particularly beneficial in helping the individual to regroup when a crisis occurs. Those working in the helping professions, as well as those who are dealing with a crisis, may find that the ability to incorporate relaxation techniques into their lives is essential. She has two guided meditation CD's that are now available for purchase. She is also a Reiki Master and conducts Reiki I and II training classes. Luanne is a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist and her work and study in the field of aromatherapy has led to several original essential oil blends that are designed to provide numerous benefits. Luanne is dedicated to helping others achieve their maximum in health, fitness and a holistic way of life.
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