Harmony Place - Mind-Body Balancing
Products (ingredients & intended purpose)
1. Balance Me- clary sage, yarrow, geranium, fennel; hormonally balancing, great for menopause issues 
2. Body Bliss- lavender, rosemary, marjoram, vetiver, German chamomile; awesome muscle relaxer! Great for those with fibromyalgia 
3. Breathe Easy- peppermint, eucalyptus r., tea tree, lemongrass; eases congestion due to colds and allergies 
4. Calm & Centered- frankincense, cedarwood, petitgrain, yarrow; very relaxing and enhances meditation 
5. Citrus Vanilla- vanilla, petitgrain, lemongrass; relaxing, cleaning and detoxifying 
6. Cool It- peppermint, roman chamomile; good for sunburn, pain or tired feet; plantar fascitis 
7. Cough Care- frankincense, tea tree; gargle for sore throat relief 
8. Dreamland- lavender, rosemary, marjoram, valerian, juniper; melt muscle tension, relax and sleep well
9. Endless Insight- lavender, spikenard, geranium, yarrow, frankincense, rosewood; relaxing, grounding and helpful when grieving 
10. Flake Away- cedarwood, lavender, tea tree, geranium, petitgrain; helpful with dandruff and flaky scalp- massage few drops into scalp & shampoo as usual next morning 
11. Germ Fighter- eucalyptus r., tea tree, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, lemon; fight bacterial and viral infections or use when exposed to illness for prevention 
12. Germ Fighter II- eucalyptus r., oregano, spike lavender, frankincense, wintergreen, raventsera, naioli; fight bacterial and viral infections or use when exposed to illness for prevention (not intended for those taking blood thinners) 
13. Gin-Ju Balm- ginger, juniper, rosemary, cinnamon in jojoba, beeswax; great for sore joints and muscles
14. Heal My Bones- wintergreen, helichrysum, lemongrass, pine, ginger, vetiver, marjoram, juniper, callophylum; used to help with healing of a broken bone (not intended for those taking blood thinners)
15. Into Alternate Oblivion- r. chamomile, vetiver, palmarosa, rosemary, marjoram; very relaxing, good for the skin and soothing to sore muscles 
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