Harmony Place - Mind-Body Balancing
Products (continued)
16. Into Oblivion- lavender, r. chamomile, vetiver; very relaxing and good for the skin 
17. Into Recovery- angelica, frankincense, basil, bergamot, g. chamomile, helichrysum; assists with reducing craving for those entering recovery 
18. Love My Body- lavender or palmarosa; body/face wash 
 19. Love My Face- frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood in jojoba, apricot kernel oil; anti-aging serum used alone or with your moisturizer (also available in 0.5oz cream)
20. Love My Lips- lavender, r. chamomile, geranium, rose in jojoba, beeswax; lip balm in 0.5oz jar or tube, also good for minor cuts and scrapes 
21. Madonna’s Peace- lavender, rosewood, vetiver; promotes relaxation and peace, also good for the skin
22. Madonna’s Peace and Balance- lavender, rosewood, vetiver, r. chamomile, clary sage; reduces anxiety, very balancing, anti inflammatory, and good for the skin 
23. Mellow Belly- ginger, peppermint; calms nausea 
24. Mellow Night- ylang ylang, geranium, clary sage, rose; calming, anti-spasmodic, good for the skin 
25. Mellow Out- cedarwood, petitgrain, clary sage, lemongrass; eases anxiety and anger 
26. Migraine Away- rosemary, marjoram, lavender; helps avoid headaches and migraines 
27. Pain Away- wintergreen, peppermint, ginger, rosemary, marjoram, helichrysm; great for muscle and joint pain 
28. Pest Spray Insects- eucalyptus citradora, fennel; repels insects and mosquitoes 
29. Pest Spray Rodents- peppermint, lemon; repels mice and other rodents
30. Pest Spray Ticks- eucalyptus citradora, fennel, thyme, oregano; repels fleas and ticks, safe for use on pets-avoid eyes!
31. Pick Me Up- peppermint, lemon, cinnamon, rosemary; great alternative to afternoon coffee
32. Relax Me- lavender, r. chamomile, bergamot; promotes relaxation
33. Restful Sleep for Men- yarrow, vetiver, lemongrass; promotes rest and relaxation to enhance peaceful sleep
34. Restful Sleep for Women- yarrow, clary sage, lemongrass; promotes rest and relaxation to enhance peaceful sleep
35. Sensuality- frankincense, ylang ylang, rose; heightens senses, yet very relaxing
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